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Remember when…

…we could travel freely? Right about now we are more than half through our second trip to Scotland. Not! Bad timing! Ode to corona: who thought a trip to our mailbox would be a threat to our health. Confused? No. Alas, we are not in Scotland. We were told the sheep were dipped – yellow – for purposes of health. We never saw another flock like it. Reasons on the ‘net include: ID, ownership, ewes, theft discouragement and who knows? We frequently staged some gag photos for the kids. Yeah, shameless Photoshop. Why not? Poor Colleen. Why hug a post box? Hey! You would have to look in my brain. Me? Some days I’m locked out. Thistle: the national flower of Scotland. And right now I wish we were posting: “Wish you were here.”

Passing through


Hanging rock. Till it’s not. Some of it once fell and crushed a mail truck – just the truck, the driver was not in it. Lucky! It’s rural W Va. Okay! It’s like Maine or anywhere quaint. It was a wet day. It seems all spring it’s been wet and cold and rainy. Oh! We made it past hanging rock without any falling rock – on our heads.

Wild turkeys – ain’t seen none since I lived in Maine. The mailbox reminds me of Haiti. The American flag? It’s W VA and patriotic. Republican? Hmmm… hard to say.


IMG_2374 copy

I don’t remember when I last saw one. And I haven’t mailed a letter in forever. I’ve been to the post office to pick up registered mail. Otherwise I don’t know the cost of a stamp. And they tell me now that the stamps don’t have a price on them anymore. They are good until you use them. Hmm… I think the last time I bought a stamp it was about 43 cents? And that was a while ago. Well, with the post office in the pickle it’s in, mailboxes have disappeared from most corners. And soon this will be a collector’s item.