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_DSC6945If you’re in San Diego, you can easily enter Tijuana, Mexico. David joined me traveling from Los Angeles, USC. There’s a train that takes you to the border. You can then walk over without ever being stopped. Getting back into the USA is more complicated. The customs service will definitely want to see a passport. But walking is pretty easy since there’s not much place to put contraband. So you pass through with minimum waiting. _DSC6901

The native folks headed to Mexico all seemed to be carrying large bundles of toilet paper. Really! And once you are in Mexico, everyone seems to be bringing back prescription medication. There are big signs and many (hundreds) of pharmacies close-by to the border crossing. _DSC6873

We just wanted to say we were in Mexico. We wandered around and had tacos. That’s it. No need for drugs, legal or illegal. I would have brought some toilet paper if I had known it was in demand._DSC6986You also have to be impressed by the traffic jam back into the USA.

Playa Del Carmen


Where were we? Well, it was Don and I. We had rented a car and left the meeting in Cancun to travel south to Playa Del Carmen. We sat on the nude beach and had tacos while some bikini clad girl sold us some jewelry which we bought for our wives. And there by the roadside was this brilliant restaurant set against a bright blue sky. I like the graphic and the instant memory of where I was at that moment.

Julia, Straw Hat

Xcaret, Mexico. The family was wandering around the local market. Julia tried on this hat and it was meant for her. We bought it. I thought there would be many great potential photo ops with this hat once we were back home. On the return trip, Julia left it in the airport. I remember seeing it there and of course we left it behind on the seat in the airport lounge. It’s hard to keep track of all the carry on stuff.