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After my initial spate of baskets, no two have been alike. And the pattern I can create from color… it’s limited by the lack of color weaving cane. But pattern is precise and appealing. I’m much better with pattern than free form creation that drawing or painting requires. No one ever accused me of being subtle. Contrast, bold contrast, that appeals to me.

Stir carzy fashion

If you’re home… yes, we are all guilty. I got favorite shirts that you would never wear out in public. Embarrassed – statement, question, exclamation? Well, I do love my wife dearly. And I suppose she would take this fashion chance only in my presence. Little did she know… can she ever trust me… again? I did get a grand idea to fashion a tandem mask from her bra. No, you will not be seeing it. You may imagine. Keep in mind that maxi-pads pass no water either.


Nowhere to hide. If you make a basket with a precise pattern, any error is glaring. The problem is that the mistake you make is gradual and therefore not readily apparent until near the end. One among us is more OCD than the other. Yes, that would not be me. I wonder how many – none – in the basket class realize I was once a brain surgeon. Ha! “If it doesn’t fit, force it.” Or, you can always make something worse, worser. No, I cannot claim wide angle distortion. Exposed, nowhere to hide.


I love patterns…buttons, yarn, whatever. So whenever I wander, I shoot. Buttons usually are not on my radar. I think I’m in  a rut since I stopped diving… not!