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I like to see artists at work. It is human curiosity to just be nosy. As I looked over their shoulders I was puzzled. There were three artists at work. It was in the middle of chaos at the Cape Neddick lighthouse. They are not, and I repeat, they are not looking at the light nor the ocean. They were facing the parking lot. So I am puzzled. I guess I might even go so far as to say they are working on imagination or it might as well be a photograph. The middle of a parking lot? I grant that there was a lot of traffic. I don’t get it.



I guess I might best describe this as the center grass of a round about. The cars circle and you get the benefit of all the fumes. Peace and quiet it’s not.



Artist At The Bridge


She was hard at work at dusk painting the scene. It is Maine and I suppose it is quintessential. At least there were some boats off in the distance acting as inspiration. The view below is more or less about the view my naked eye had for the rowboats. So detail was not so important. The boats and the place were the inspiration.


No One Was Hurt


I attended a karate match. Brown belts, they were among the best students. You score for landing a punch or a kick on the pads in the front or on the side. You are not allowed to strike high or low. As I said there were no injuries during this match. It just looks like something happened. Ouch!

Please No Names


We were in a museum. The names are not mentioned because it is not my intent to cause any problems. It was the musical instrument section. With all the artwork on display, this section had scant traffic. In fact we were the only ones there at the moment. Yes they have guards everywhere. Well, you can see he was not watching us while we looked around. Zzzzzzz….

First Time


Jen doesn’t swim. She doesn’t have a driver’s license. She had never been on a quad. And if I recall correctly, she doesn’t know how to ride a bike. So she’s getting a quick lesson on riding and operating a quad. Gee, I did not know the thing had brakes for the first 30 minutes I was riding. Just turn uphill and you stop, like snow skiing. And she wanted to ride on back of someone. No! We made here do it herself. Darned if she did it. It’s kind of funny because all the quads they gave our group were green except for the black one I rode. Odd man out again, I ended up on it. I was not the leader but I had the odd bike anyway.



Random Encounter


So the quad group was going along and a guy showed up in the middle of the desert. He was riding behind one of the guys and tagged along. He just climbed up behind as a hitchhiker. He insisted I take his picture and proceeded to speak to me in Arabic. He then wandered off to find another ride home. I guess? No one quite knew where he came from or where he went. I just took his picture. You can go a long way if you have a smile and lots of nerve.

Do You Jump?


Jen and Gen both Jennifer if you slur or mumble. Jen is my OR nurse and Gen runs my clinic. Forget the silly hat, they are both key to my well being in the operating room and office. It’s good to have reliable people helping. I have been exceptionally lucky to have found people wherever I have been. Carol and Ginny used to run my life. And then there was Jennifer in Newark. Come to think of it there have been lots of people who have been very good to me.


As for jumping, I told you three’s a crowd. Notice I can get two at a time but three… When you say jump on my count – three – well there is a small matter of coordination.





This is Gen jumping. Two people can be coordinated enough to pull this off. It looks more dramatic if you lift your knees. It’s a secret cause most people cannot spread from the hips enough to look like they are seriously jumping. Of course both people need to jump when you say three. Or is it, three and then jump….


Four Wheel Group


This intrepid group was on a mission. They were determined to go on quads in the desert. Some had never been on a quad. Others admitted they did not know how to ride a bike. And there were a couple who could not drive a car nor swim. Well, I guess swimming is not a fair prerequisite for using a quad. Talk about sheltered lives, but they sure had a good time. There was no hope to get this group to jump so I would settle for making them raise their hands. Even that was not easy to coordinate.


Been Had

IMG_1531I believe that is the phrase used when the staff is behind your back clowning around. I am pretty private. So it was not advertised. But somehow my staff found out about my birth date. It also happened we were having dinner outside. So everyone took the opportunity to have a little fun. Yes, yes, thankfully no one sang. This is a more capable staff than you might think from the picture. In fact they are quite good. This picture or one like it was also circulated which leads me to deny that I am one bit older. Thanks all.


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