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Well I was at Pfeiffer beach with this neat hole in the rock wall. Somehow it was not too picturesque. My fallback was a good shot of Jules. Priceless.


Pfeiffer Beach


Named after? Someone named Pfeiffer. Duh? I was here many decades ago. I don’t remember the name. So I looked it up on the ‘net. Great! Now I know the name. And I could even look up Pfeiffer is I wanted. But I just wanted a shot…that hole in the rocks. _DSC2815Jules wanted to clamber among them. We each got what we came for. The tide was shifting so it was a bit tricky. Come to think of it, Jules had a bad ankle. Bad Dad!_DSC2824

It didn’t happen if no one tells, right? Shhh, don’t tell mom.