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Dumb Move Buddy


I never said I wouldn’t post another fish. I just said, “last dive.” This is one weird shy fish. Weird or shy? Both. Picasso trigger fish, the coloration inspired its name. It swims on the reef and usually is speeding away from my camera. So, I was just a second late to shoot a feather duster worm. And this fish flashes past my vision and burrowed into the coral crevice. What the…? I never knew the stripes on the back were raised. And I bet you did not either. I poked him. …sorry! And he burrowed farther. He did not bolt! In this case he would have had to back out. Do fish have a gear for reverse?

Bite me! – It bit me!


I was attacked. I’ve shown you an encounter in a previous post. I was roughly in the same area photographing a couple subjects. This guy (I’m not sure he’s the same as the other) started attacking my close up lens. Ok! Get a picture. I did. Then he came back again and again. He attacked my goggles.


Finally, he took a nip of me. (yes, look close, he left a red mark). Ouch! I did not notice any source for the attack. There were no eggs or juvenile fish around. I was surprised and promptly beat off his attack with my dive stick. Yes a sword fight under the sea. Jules wrote to tell me that they are territorial. All this time, I have seen this species often and no one ever attacked me. Yes, I was sure surprised!


Picasso Trigger Fish


There are certain fish you just wait to photograph. Which is to say, you see them but you can never get a shot. Too shy, too fast, too far away, whatever the reason, you just don’t ever get a shot. There are one or two fish that also do this to me. The Picasso trigger fish is one such guy. They are often in a group of four or so. They have tiny side fins for maneuvering. So they look slow enough to swim after. But they never let me get near. I have tried. Patience is not big for me. So mostly I see them and don’t try too hard. Eventually the opportunity presents itself. Patience! I have learned to take the shot when it is available. There are more in my head but not on my memory card yet. Well, there’s also that redhead….