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The Very Day After Inauguration…

She looked Amish with her cap. She was wearing bloomers. “Bloomer” were –

“Also called the “Turkish dress”, “American dress”, or simply “reform dress”, bloomers were an innovation of readers of the Water-Cure Journal, a popular health periodical that in October 1849 began urging women to develop a style of dress that was not so harmful to their health as the current fashion. It also represented an unrestricted movement, unprecedented by previous women’s fashions, that allowed for greater freedom—both metaphorical and physical—within the public sphere.” Wikipedia

Gee, I didn’t know that. Special interests were all around – LGBT, abortion, minorities and so forth. Women! It was a women’s march and this is a women’s movement. Why was I there? It never occurred to me that this was someone elses protest and fight. Men were not banned. But there were far more many women than men. The pink hat was the symbol of the day. I don’t suppose there were any DT supporters among the crowd.