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Half staff

The flags are at half-staff. 2 million cases and 125 thousand deaths in the United States alone. Truth or lies? When does the president’s lies reach the bar of traitorous? For good god damned sake! This is hardly harmless in the face of the facts. Never have 100 thousand people died so fast from a viral disease. Hardly harmless! If he says it, they (YOU) believe him? Get a grip! This man is “selling you the Brooklyn Bridge” and asking you to jump from it. Oh! He will take your money first. Incredible! Incredulous! Do you “believers” really “buy” this shit?


all talk, NO SHOW. You are famous in your own mind. One million people applied for tickets. (one more lie you told) Less than 19 thousand showed up. One third of the venue was unfilled. The overflow venue was empty except for a few photographers. The fake media showed the empty blue colored seats. Blue!? Democrats silently mocking! Sinking ship? Time to jump? You rats? You can’t get elected when you are under water. Last one out, turn off the lights. … out with a whimper. …irrelevant.

I keep getting email from Susan Collins telling me she needs money for her desperate campaign to keep her seat. She’s pathetically begging. Perhaps you should follow her plea?

B ass ackwards

Cheaters never prosper. Now you guys look like real assholes. Stupid!! You fire a guy and announce it nationally. But!!! You didn’t tell the guy he was fired. So, Berman didn’t slink off to lick his wounds. He outright defied his firing and will continue merrily onward investigating the very thing you fired him for. Convoluted? Nah! Stupid! I’ve been wondering what happened to Rudi? I guess someone is hot on the trail. Only a few more months of madness… At the end of the day cheating has a way of coming back to bite you on the ass. There are (FEWER) faithful supporters. …be afraid.

supreme being… NOT!

I keep looking. I can’t find details of the executive order! So far, Mythic not Epic. Everything Obama did, trump can’t erase! Watching media coverage of his faithful fanatics lining up for the upcoming trump rally in Oklahoma, I realize, even Hitler had supporters. You are not the supreme being! You never were. Your tantrums only highlight your inability to make a deal! … or to sign an effective executive order.

I am heartened that your time is ending in a whimper. I am happy that your insane (executive) orders go unheeded. Can you say: laughing stock? Never have so many, mocked you, DISRESPECT. … or worse: forgotten, irrelevant. With each tweet, you look less presidential!

That government is best which governs least.Henry David Thoreau

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.Henry David Thoreau

Three white guys in New Jersey

Look closely. Three white guys posing, one has his knee on the neck of another. trump sign in the background. This is hardly auspicious for the trump re-election campaign. Hate in America. Hardly the stuff to make me proud. It’s my country too. Counter protest against George Floyd? It’s your right. You are now the new poster children of white supremacy in America. Hurrah for you. I guess we know who trump loves and who loves him. We are better than this.

For the record: two of the three are fired now; one NJ corrections officer and a Fedex employee. Social media made you guys famous. You can’t hide in the shadows any longer – trump. …push down an old man in Buffalo, trump called him a terrorist. Not so fast, we have all seen that video. White terrorism in America is being exposed. These guys consider you fearless leader.

Everybody happy?

Everybody Happy?

Everybody happy? Well I should say

Today is Monday, today is Monday
Monday washing
Everybody happy? Well I should say…

You may watch Fox news and deny everything. Or, you may simply watch and decide for yourself. There’s nothing fake in “pissed off.” I simply hate it when a song gets stuck in your head and you sing it over and over all day long…

Comedy Tonight…nae, clueless

This president – small “p” – cannot walk into a crowd without an armed escort, teargas, and bullets. HE IS AFRAID OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Photo-op? You could have stood with the people? But, you couldn’t find anyone who voted for you. That is indeed SAD. FAKE NEWS once more.

I needed a title? … and then it came to me:

Lyrics, Comedy Tonight

Something familiar,
Something peculiar,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!… More

Rome (Washington DC) is burning. Solemn somber sad, say (speech) something to calm the rhetoric. No, instead march to a burned church, hold up a bible (he forgot to pray), and return with a heavily armed guard. I have to admit fearless leader did stick to script. The speech writers triumphed. He was told not to go off script. It worked. Heartless! No words of sympathy at the church. He held the bible triumphantly over his head like he’d just climbed a mountain. Pray? Nope! Empathy? Sympathy? No! Just walk back in a show of force. Protesters (American voters) were shot and gassed. He managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once more. Exit, laughing. Comedy? Tragedy? …most excellently performed on national TV for all to see. Roundly criticized, it was fake news, except it really happened. You simply can’t make this shit up. There is no god or heart among his speechwriters or entourage. Otherwise someone would have told him to pray. Can you say “Clueless?”

Current events: Professor Umbridge, Harry Potter. “There will be order!!!” In context, she would be pretty clueless. She wasn’t a Deatheater either.

A lot

A lot of observations…. Cowardly, our peerless fearless leader. They turned off the lights at the White House (Sunday night); the President failed to address the nation, instead he Tweeted. He (fearless leader) encouraged (MAGA) counter-protests. NONE! The number of cities under siege increased (by a lot!!). Police crossed the line and marched with protesters. Tiananmen Square, 1989, the time the police did that, the government brought in tanks. You gonna do that Mr Pres? Or, Egypt, Arab Spring, 2010, the country fell and its leader was jailed. We know the origin was in Tunisia where a merchant immolated himself protesting his government. Blame it on Covid19?

You can run, but, you can’t hide. Crimes you committed have a way of coming ‘round to bite you in the ass. Barr and the SCOTUS can’t protect you. 125 cities had protests Sunday night. National Guard got called in 21 states. There are more of us than you. But who’s you? Follow the leader. Who’s leading?


Why now? In the midst of corona, we are having a race war. It is the very lack of presidential leadership that fans the flames of unrest. Reality TV. Re-election. Leaderless. Incompetent. All of this comes to mind.

“Vicious dogs and ominous weapons” – nice tweet. That’s the way to act like an adult in the room. Very Presidential indeed! Or, how about MAGA – he encouraged a crowd of supremacists to come to the White House to counter protest. MAGA did not show up. Are you getting any of this?

Ho hum… cringe, lightly…tut tut

When did I get radicalized? Heretofore I was about the same as most Americans. I had a job – important, I thought. I went about medical care and left the politics to the career politicians who had (our??) welfare in mind. There were checks and balances to keep the branches of government and even political parties from doing outrageous things. I poll my Republican friends – there are a few, not too many. And I poll the family. Most of them work, which means they have jobs and families. Politics are in their rearview mirror. One unnamed defended her lack of interest, “Hey! We voted!” as though that act alone compensated for ignoring the events going on around us. It was not enough! And, at that point, I realized I/we were radicalized. I have lived with a liberal bent spouse (two) forever. Influenced (good or bad)? Am I the only one to see the forest for the trees? We do not know the future and how this will go. It will all blow over, right? Or, blow up? Don’t lose sleep. And, don’t be afraid. Ignore it, it will all be over soon…

This is not good

I had hoped my two a day posts would quietly stop. TMI. Alas, the news keeps coming. Our president runs his daily reality show. The day before he was shutting down Twitter. Now….?

The TV series on Grant just concluded. It was the Civil War. I didn’t fully realize how difficult reconstruction had been until looking at (the series) it again. The war never ended. Johnson succeeded Lincoln (REPUBLICAN), who was assassinated. Grant followed. Mistakes were made. The confederate flag flies on lawns in my neighborhood. There are those who never got over the war. They never accepted terms of defeat. We sang Dixie in elementary school. I thought it was a nice song. Little did I know, until I experienced racism personally. It’s not been often. I was in “charmed” territory. Painfully, I admit white supremacy is all around. Trump will be remembered for leading racism in America. Dark times are here. Reality TV, the path to re-election?


Twitter. A leader leads. Others follow. Where is our leader? Making up shit. 100, 000 thousand people are dead from corona. We could use leadership. Has he made any statement of worth in helping to stem the pandemic? His statements and tweets keep getting uncovered by history as lies. Each day, it’s a reality show of tweets. I’ve said it before, I’m not the first, “The emperor has no clothes!”


“But take it from me, Georgia: cheating only hurts you in the long run. Yeah. When I was in school, I forged straight A’s on my biology report card instead of studying, and to this day, I still don’t know where my labia is.” — TREVOR NOAH

What makes you laugh these days? I smile but haven’t had a good laugh in quite some time. I laughed. You would have to know the context and the news in order to be in on this joke. Georgia made a graph of the corona virus cases diminishing in the Peach State over a period of the last few weeks. The idiots forgot and put the dates on the graph. The dates were out of order. No, not eating dates; it was the days of the month. If you are not following me, then you missed the joke. And, you also missed the fact that tomorrow never comes. It’s always today. … and labia would be plural. Did I mean horror, not humor?

The lyin’ New York Times

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 6.00.18 AM copy

Why? Why would a newspaper lie to me? Do they really lie all the time. I don’t get it. Or, are they telling us truth? Just like firing the IG – inspector general – it’s all about transparency and truth, right? Oh! Now, we’re asking too many questions.

Trust me, I’m a doctor. Once upon a time that was a popular phrase. And politicians had about as much trust as lawyers. I think politicians were one down from next to last. I read that our fearless leader has access to the best information and doesn’t have the intelligence of a gnat himself or that big pharma has business ties to the very vaccine being developed to save us all, and, I am afraid. Very afraid! Maybe I should read the National Enquirer instead. Come to think of it I haven’t seen it lately. Of course, I keep telling myself 40 million Republicans couldn’t be all wrong. Is there any good fake news? The Times keeps reporting about dead people. When you are dead, you are dead. That is fact. I wish it weren’t so.

Let’s play – Follow the leader – and jump off the Brooklyn bridge. You first. See ya.

100,000 dead, one hundred thousand dead, is a whole lot of dead people. Maybe the number is wrong? But, it’s still a whole lot more than one dead. There are a lot of dead people even if someone’s lyin’ to me.

I remember our lyin’ President saying no one would die and then, he told me it would be over before 50,000 dead. Tell me more facts please. Or, two lies make the truth like it was said that, two wrongs don’t make a right?

Grown up in the room

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 6.22.26 PM copy

On the left is the line in which our fearless leaders would have you panic. On the right are the words of adults in the room handing out the facts. The left provides cover and a path to re-election. There is no path to light and no assurance of our leaders doing more than covering their own asses. Is it me? I am bewildered by the numbers of people who still believe the propaganda. Who’s drinking the cool-aid? Is it me? We have lost our standing in the world. We are a joke to threaten to defund the WHO and blame China. There is no comfort in reality TV. Is it me? We are fast approaching the time when we will have the opportunity to have a real leader.

“Have you stopped beating your wife?” Yes, or, no?  Somehow, the headline on the left is blaming me for the economy. You are the leaders, don’t blame me.


After the initial run – on water and toilet paper – it seems that the gods laughed. It couldn’t be the Republicans. It was all a hoax to them… Indeed, it was science fiction of my youth. You know, the disbelieving folks, laughing, till the monster ate their car. Folks were out and about in at least six states completely in denial as I write this about a couple month before posting. By now, I hope there is free access to TP. Come to think of it, maybe the Republicans made this sh*t up? Nah? It was short people. The last rolls were on the top shelf. Water? My cats throw up when they drink tap water. Dunno? So, we had to find bottled water. Crazy. Yup.

(Note: Meat, or, TP. YOU, choose. It ain’t over by a long shot. People are out and about. Armed protesters have been encouraged by our fearless leadership to stand in state capitals. What the f’k are you worried about. Remember when Bush Sr said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” No, it was Clinton’s campaign who coined the phrase against one term President Bush. It ain’t over and it’s not better. At all! Be afraid. Be….)

Spin cycle

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 1.35.48 PM copy

Can you possibly make this bad news into some Pollyanna fairy tale to save your political ass Mr President? Meanwhile, what the f’ are you gonna do about it. Lying to me won’t make it go away. This is an immutable fact no matter if right or left wing media reports it. Tell me what you’re doing. And I can’t get a corona virus test, while you are tested once a day. That’s fair. You are important and wealthy. The rest of us all applaud your effort to help. How about PPE and tests for the rest of the country?  Vote early and vote often.

Above the law

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 5.18.06 PM copy

Words fail me. Cheaters win. And the moon is made of cheese.

you can’t run

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 10.06.16 AM

NYT 4/26/20 – most, many Americans are far from a hospital. So what? In the time of corona you can likely survive more than 30 minutes to get to a hospital.

What’s missing? What the news fails to report, because they don’t know? The quality of the care. All hospitals are not equal i.e. a hospital is a hospital. No! No, no, no. Many, perhaps most, are not of good quality. You get the idea that nursing homes are death traps? Yup, hospitals suffer the same lament. Care is not equal. Yes, even among doctors, all is not equal. There are some good and some not quite up to snuff. Most of the brilliant minds are at the major med centers. You do the math. Yes, I, too, live in a relative rural area. I fear for the local health care should I ever be in dire need. Things are not equal. And, you can’t just show up at the best place without a connection. Thirty minutes? … from care of any sort, or from real quality care? Once upon a time, when I was a lay person… I thought a hospital was a hospital. Wrong.

Drinnk Bleash


Here’s a riff on our dear (POTUS) leader’s suggestion that we drink disinfectant. Haven’t heard his recc? Been under a rock? Go back. How about detaining an illegal immigrant till he’s 18 and then tossing him in jail when he’s of age? It gives new meaning to “Icing” (ICE) someone.

Ok, ok. During this time of corona have you considered a bank heist? Perfect! Investigating cop, “What did the robber look like? Describe them.”

Oh yeah! “A couple wearing masks…..” And as you fled no one would even glance to see a couple in masks.

It brings to mind, “Why did train robbers in the old west wear masks?”… because the illustrations (crroks) on all those wanted posters didn’t have any masks.

The banks? They got it covered. You need an appointment to get in the building! You “D”O” realize all this is SARCASM? RIGHT?? (hmmmm, it (“right”) works  both ways.) And, for dessert: CYA – cover our (POTUS) ass! – let’s fire the (USA) health (secy) commish! Brilliant!

Department of Health??? He (another ass) put a dog breeder (another “another ass”)  in charge of the nation’s response. TRMS told me so. You can’t make this shit up. Look it up. Don’t bother. But, facts are not sarcasm. And, fact is fact. Can a dog breeder be SARCASTIC?

Can you not – I repeat – can you not, see the sarcasm on our smiling faces? “Look at me when I’m talkig to you!”


…as in under a rock. Or, how about, the moon is made of green cheese? Or, there are no aliens? Or, it is an alien in the great White house? You pick. I will admit I stage some of my images. It’s up to you to figure it out. I will readily admit it’s not easy to get a shot of the moon.


amazon TP

I did an idle search for TP. The very first choice right at the top of the page was for toilet paper masks. I had heard there was deceptive advertising. It’s done to sell product. This was amusing. And it’s gone. I went back a minute later and the offering was gone. The amazon police got ’em. There’s plenty of TP for sale too. There’s none in the grocery. If you believe the ‘hole corona thing is a hoax, why do you buy TP like it’s a scarce commodity. I live in a conservative Republican community and there’s not a sheet of TP to be found in any grocery. You guys! It’s magic, watch the hand…. Meanwhile, I won’t be buying masks tonight either. Credit Amazon for their vigilance.


Is it possible? When we cruise antique stores, there are some ringers. Antique is usually considered to have “age,” I always thought greater than 75 years. In the same booth were souvenirs of recent vintage. Opposing views. No doubt, this was an equal opportunity profit center. Today, I got no skin in the game. Converse statement: it’s politically offensive to make fun of the pres. OR he’s offensive – politically. Soon. Soon we will know the true will of the voting public. Polar – antarctic or artic; there’s not much temperate around here in these parts.

007 – status – active


I gotta say that these are moral ethical dilemmas for our time. God! License to kill! Yes, there is so much to ponder. We, as physicians, have been accused of playing “god.” And, indeed, there was a time before I began my career. when we all (some) believed that to be true. I grew up in the Viet Nam war era. I have seen god play doctor. I have seen colleagues “execute” patients – in the name of mercy, or not. I have experienced (not proudly) the battlefield mentality that overtakes an embattled intern on-call in his 23rd hour in a busy inner city ER.

I agree. Yes, I’m being obtuse. Which? Which which?

But which? For the right to decide? Who? It’s personal. For every righteous decision, there are those who would use this mandate poorly. We only need look to our fearless leader.  With nary  a hair out of place (hairspray, lots of it) he refused to wear a mask. Fashion statement? Defiance? Stupidity?

There will always be second guessing on this call to double 0 status. Will we, as a profession, be judicious, given “00” status?