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Run – but, from whom?

Hey! Look who’s old? I’m not a spring chicken either!

Aside from 45, a clown show! Outright nuts trying to look like they have the weight to … oh yeah! Weight! … no fat jokes, please. How about a lap dog? Even an outright nut has attention.

Who is least worse? Worser? Can it be? Is it possible to do worse? Is there no end to the nightmare? It’s ok. There are lots of clowns in the wings too.

There is a big picture coffee table book in Barnes and Noble right now. It is a compendium of letters to 45. The very first letter illustrated was a letter from Nixon to 45. Ya! You just can’t make this shit up.

Is there no one else out there who can….?

From here

From here, he made the news. The verdict is front page in multiple newspapers in the UK. Politically, this can not be construed as a positive thing for the former fearless leader. It might be time to note that he is a scandal ridden lout who is hardly worthy of further attention. Once he is in the trash bin of history, let us quickly move on to the business of care and honesty once more. Let it be said that the end began here. …laughing stock to the world… no leader to be sure.


Maybe, you should have attended your own trial. GUILTY! Pay up – it’s $5million!! Yup. That ain’t chump change. Loser! You abuse women and they got you! We know you will try to spin this off as a hoax. Meanwhile, take out the checkbook. Appeal? Sure, pay more money to lawyers and then pay up anyway. We are glad that things are finally catching up. Crime does not pay. …except that you, dirtbag, now have to pay up. It won’t be the last time. At last all the criminal doings are coming to roost.

Truth in…

…advertising. I am inundated by ads. SPAM – sizzle pork and mmmm… Great ad. Years ago I was confronted with the food nutrition label on the can. … I grew up eating Spam. … mother. Then the label read – 110 cal per slice, 100 cal from fat. They managed to clean up the label and make it more confusing. But essentially, it is all about eating pink pork fat. How grand!

Try the stupid emu. What does an emu know about insurance? When I was a surgeon, the standout pain in the ass insurance company we dealt with was Liberty Mutual. They never gave permission for care – not even to their own employees – it was across the board 100% no. Most people then went away. It was effective. Many patients had to wait for essential care. Not a very good business plan. But the ads are very cute?! … if you like an emu who can’t talk and inform you that it’s all a load of crap….

Buyer beware!

The mug shot

More fake news. No mug shot. Alas, he’s still under arrest and has been charged. Fact. Facts are what will make America better again. It’s history. There is no way this did not happen. I was here as the wheel went around. Let us hope. You can readily see! It’s not the same tie! Lies! More lies!


Look close. Same headline – different day. It’s reality. No fake news. He’s indicted. Wake up. It’s a new day. You did not dream it. Spin it. Lie about it. Deny it… INDICTED. Big bold letters. History… will remember you as an orange buffoon. National embarrassment.

Changing headlines

SSDD – same shit different day. Two headlines within the hour. Next…indictment, please!


Breaking news


Oh boy! Six dead. School shooting … thoughts and prayers.

Meanwhile, the Congressional representative for the district where the school is located published his Christmas card this past year. Oh fun! Some days you just can’t make this shit up.

Who do you believe?

It recalls to me “eating your young.” Hey hey! The truth will set you free. It’s sure fun to watch the infighting and the finger pointing start up. When you tell a lie… and then another…”lying sack of shit” comes to mind. And, Fox filed a law suit right back to keep her from filing law suits. Tucker, you suck. Really. And you don’t look so good any more. But, Fox loves you dearly… all the way to the bank.

Shit show

No matter how you shake and dance, the last few drops go in your pants.

They still love him… til, they don’t. LOSER.

You may readily guess my political persuasion. Is everyone (Republicans) really as dumb as Fox news thinks they are? Someone is laughing all the way to the bank. Propriety, truth, decorum, honesty, integrity… deafening silence.


…doing it over again, hoping for a different result…

What is news

You could tell me anything. I wasn’t there. I would have to believe what you tell me… unless I saw it in person. January 6th 2020 was televised live and in person. We watched the storming of the Capitol. We saw the destruction and the rioting. We saw congress men and women run for their lives. I am afraid that an effort to edit the video does not persuade me that it was simply a peaceful gathering turned into a left wing lie.

Tucker Carlson – you are a lying sack of shit. Then again, some senators deny it as well. Sure, they did not run for their lives. The destruction and threat never happened. Not a single senator was injured or died. See?!

Lies. Truth. News. I am truly outraged that Fox would lie into my face. Worse yet is that there are those Republican lawmakers who embrace and believe those same lies. It is indeed bewildering when the truth of what I saw is denied as lawmakers embrace an alternative script which is clearly a lie. Nothing they say can make me un-see what I saw that day. It’s good to be a Democrat. I can believe what I saw.

It gets better. Hold on to your hat! Covid never happened. No one died. I never saw a dead person…

Confusion reigns! What’s it mean??? How about it is as clear as: I do not not love you. ???

January 6th. Every day happens (happened) – unless it didn’t occur. Why bother with truth? Science fiction.


ADHD? Me? Ha!! I can’t sit still in a moving car?? Me? Camera in hand and ready for action… there’s lots to see. America, ain’t it beautiful? Sometimes I think you can guess the politics of folks from the roadside show. Careful for the rocks you turn over.

Everything old…

…is new again. In the 1950’s it was frontal lobotomy done with a knitting needle up your nose. In the 2000’s we discovered we could electrically stimulate areas of the brain and get rid of depression. It was strictly regulated by psychiatrists. Few operations are done with this technique. And now, we are back to the age old question: “Who’s crazy? And, who’s to say?” It has always been far easier to answer whether you have a brain tumor or not since CT scan was invented in the mid 1970’s. Ah! Life was a lot more simple back then.

Happy Thanksgiving

The news of the moment is not happy. More shootings. More dead. I read the articles for the body count, Nothing comes of it. The majority is ignored so that laws for gun control are a distant dream. How many? Died.

I have much to be thankful for and I feel guilty as though I am in a small bubble. Nonetheless, there are millions who celebrate and many who cannot. Colleen is always mindful and keeps me grounded. To all: best wishes for this day.

As I am writing, about 24 hrs hence we will have a turkey in the oven and await family who will arrive for dinner. The celebrations are more rare and precious with the passing years.

In closing and with hope: Go with the promise of a new day and all of its possibilities.

Page 26?!

Gee! Don’t hold back! The orange guy with the fake hair announced again. Ho hum. No need to listen. Lies and ego. We seen this story before. The New York Times has a strong opinion. I do not think there will be an endorsement forthcoming. Gee!

Derision? Deja vu all over again?

And, he got cropped in his prime time coverage. Newsworthy? “Florida man” got page 26 in his favorite megaphone…


When you consider the Internet…. Twitter has had so much trouble since musk took over.

The NY Post a staunch supporter of trump, has turned upon him. He’s a loser whose time has passed.

Surprisingly, it was not so straightforward to look up this picture on the ‘net. They talk about it. But the articles tease you out. It took a few clicks to find it. Delicious. You would expect NYT and MSNBC would have had a field day…. Who would have guessed the beginning of the end would come with a whisper.

Fog of War

There was no outright Republican victory. No sweep. No decisive win. Nada! None!

Up yours, Trump! (Ahem, your ass is grass – and I’m gonna mow it.)

I would like to say I told you so.

All politics is local. – Tip O’Neill

The nightmare Colleen envisioned did not materialize. Since more than half of us did not vote for asshole (trump) in 2020… it stands to reason 2022 elections would not be so different despite the dirty tricks and cheating by the republicans.

It was a gathering of cousins at the poll. And no, they would not stand in front of the trump flag, even as a joke! We all voted. That’s what counts at the end of the day.

Yes, there were assholes present, too. You just can’t teach stupid. It seems a natural talent.

Pardon me?

Would it be ok to think that the group that is left at Twitter is the dumber one half? Therefore it might make sense to take the one half (the smarter half) that was discarded to seed the new company that would be Twitter Light. You don’t have to look far for experts especially since they are all on the job hunt. Who thought of this? Finally we could have some sense of belonging and improvement. Oh, of course this would be too delicious! You made your own competition.




plural noun: Americana

  1. things associated with the culture and history of America

Today is Americana. Flags, concerts, roadside signs, and kitsch. I certainly don’t know whether the American flag is a symbol of patriotism or of conservative Republican politics anymore. Rebel flags symbolize the Civil War never ended. White supremacy? Political signs assiduously avoid party affiliation in an attempt to build name recognition. When did that happen? And then there is just plain kitsch. The chicken at Royal Farms symbolizes its roots as a chicken farm and restaurant.

Blue tint, out my car window; I could correct it. But, nah! “See the USA in your Chevrolet… la da da, da da, da da, da da da….”

I am hopeful

“The heavily redacted affidavit provides new details of the government’s efforts to retrieve and secure the material in Mr. Trump’s possession, highlighting how prosecutors may be pursuing a theory that the former president, his aides or both might have illegally obstructed an effort of well over a year to recover sensitive documents that do not belong to him.

To convict someone of obstruction, prosecutors need to prove two things: that a defendant knowingly concealed or destroyed documents, and that he did so to impede the official work of any federal agency or department. Section 1519’s maximum penalty is 20 years in prison, which is twice as long as the penalty under the Espionage Act.”

The article finally provides information that even my simple brain understands. All you Fox news Republican defenders can understand the principle too.

Question: What’s obstruction? Answer: Standing in the way.

Lock him up!

Al Capone

Al Capone convicted of –

income tax evasion

Capone was convicted on five counts of income tax evasion on October 17, 1931, and was sentenced a week later to 11 years in federal prison, fined $50,000 plus $7,692 for court costs, and was held liable for $215,000 plus interest due on his back taxes.

A pittance against his crimes….

Read: Investigations. Four, five ongoing. It doesn’t amount to much. So far 45 has wiggled out of high crimes and misdemeanors – impeachment – twice. So, we see his crimes – from a certain perspective, utter disbelief – lies, boldfaced and tossed back seem to fall as accolades upon his (millions of) believers who have yet to abandon reality. Fox enables him. Follow the money; Fox makes millions pandering to his followers. So, it was for Hitler. It did not end well for Hitler.


Lesson learned. It’s a roundabout story today. Years ago I was gifted an opportunity to shoot at the US Open by a Sports Illustrated photographer who took me along. I had full-fledged press credentials to wander and shoot all over the stadium. Imagine that!

Celebrities were in abundance as well as the tennis stars of the day. It’s not hard to see who won the men’s final by the look of triumph in his face. The key to shooting: get the ball coming into or off the racket in the same frame. Spectacular!

Lesson: This came a bit later. I was posting photos to a shared website. The site also let you rate other photographer’s photos with stars 1 to 5. I went thru and rated a bunch of photos. They were mostly 3’s – average. No big deal, not great, not poor. Afterward I was inundated with vituperative comments and 1 star ratings and comments on my own uploaded (tennis) photos. “How dare I rate their photos so poorly!!!”

It was a lesson well learned. To this day, I stay off the internet in any capacity that might make me a target again. There is so much said about social media and influencers now. There is good and bad. Most of the billions of people are unaffected and socialize in peace, while a few ….

And, on a similar note: Lopsided? Her left breast is clearly disproportionately larger relative to its mate in that dress. Huh? Nice trick. How’d that happen? Or why? Am I just being picky?

Oh! Oops! Trick photography? Or stupid mistake? It is a fundamental lesson learned very early on. A wide angle lens distorts facial features. In this case … it was an unintentional error. Well, then, you simply delete the image from your memory card … instead of taking credit below the photo. Argh!!! Dumb!! Poor Jimmy!?

Like Pandora’s box, I fear the Internet is larger than any of us despite Elon Musk’s pending purchase of Twitter. Or, as singers and poets tell us – “you can’t go back.” Oh! Ooops! He’s backing out… does that make him the asshole he seems to be?