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Hey! It’s my choice. Editing? Some images stand out. Others cry for a story. Cats? I take good pictures of cats now. Or, are the cats just cute? Do they do goofy things and I am there with a camera? Do you puzzle? We have – during the pandemic. How about a 1000-piece puzzle that is missing one piece? If only they had just said 999-piece puzzle? The cat got one (piece)? The ceramic? Emma sent it. It had toilet paper sticking out the back. Ha ha. No, it was not a …. It’s an incense burner. Oh! In this very long run on paragraph, the prize is the picture of the dawn. Straight out of the camera. No Photoshop. I have a double pane window. It is reflections superimposed. Yes, I could’ve done better. You can always do better. Am I good? Or, am I good because I am in the right place at the right time (dawn)? Could I be better with a bit more effort? Ha, we will not know the answer to that. And, I shall just run on….


Real life and a puzzle got juxtaposed as a edited this morning. There’s a cat sitting in the puzzle and there’s another sitting on our table. Amusing. The puzzle did not have a picture of the finished puzzle. And so, we were not certain there was a cat until it showed up, in the puzzle.

I often wonder what thoughts go around in my cats’ heads. If a picture is a thousand words, then there is plenty to say. Otherwise, they are content to sleep as much as sixteen hours a day. At that rate, I am fortunate to get pictures when they are awake.

I made this

Ha ha. We are in a puzzle stage. Puzzle? Yes, we are making puzzles to pass the time. And after the last one – not pictured – (ha ha) I decided to design one myself. Online, they do everything. I found a website. They made a picture into a puzzle. It worked out as well as any other puzzle we have. Yes, it’s a flock of yellow sheep. We came across this group while traveling in Scotland. I’m not name dropping or bragging. It’s just: this is not something you see every day. In the background (did you peek?) there’s my nutty cat. He climbed to the top of the bookcase and leaped down. Ha ha, I made you peek.


I recall the box cover of the Little Mermaid movie depicted a phallic symbol in one of the castle towers. I didn’t pay it much mind. Neither did my kids catch on. We got a beer/brewery puzzle and assembled it. Halfway thru Colleen exclaimed there was an X rated figure. Nah! Can’t be! Oh…. my! Ha ha. I sent the picture to the kids. No one got it. I used the magnifier. They still did not. …. not up to this day. One scene showed creative use of hot dogs….


1933 11 Julia Bill Lila puzzle copy

We went through a puzzle phase in our family – Lisa’s idea. You know – jigsaw puzzles – the really hard ones where the pieces and patterns are made to confound you. Here’s a proud moment at the completion. Everyone, Grandma, Grandpa, and Julia had worked hard to get this completed and I commemorated the event. There’s a look of satisfaction all around. We did this for a while, maybe 20 puzzles worth, and then everyone lost interest. It was the days before the internet. I wonder what my kids’ kids will be playing.