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More or less

Lotta of water under the bridge…  After posting my images from my other catalog – 1, 10, 100 …. I thought maybe I would look at… So, it starts with my Canon G3, my first digital camera and hence the first digital images. and, it goes more or less until 2016. Aha! There was madness to the method. My other catalog is titled 2016 images and beyond. My database is far more reliable and logical.

1, 10: Naturally, the first images out of the Canon G3 were of the family at hand, Dave and Lisa. Jules was in college.

100: Easter followed shortly thereafter. I must have shot film and digital together.

1000: Jules and Lila, my favorite daughter and her grandma, naturally, I will say it was Dave’s graduation, or, Thanksgiving. I could look it up…

10,000: Rugby! Jules quit track to captain the college rugby team. The Australians think nothing of pulling hair. (They wear leather helmets to cover their ears.) Lisa screamed at the TV, “But Jules has a long ponytail!!”

100,000: Damarascotta, Colleen’s favorite town in Maine! It was fall during my “Maine days.”

200,000: Saudi. Jeddah. I was making a late-night meal in Subway. (Yeah, they got one there.) Three guys saw me, posed, and I took their pic.

300,000: Wedding day. Still married. Two kids. My favorite son is still footloose.

400,000: It’s Xmas and Colleen is with her favorite daughter. Well… she’s the one she’s with. Talk about ambiguous use of pronouns…

End: And me. Ummm… the more or less end of the catalog. 2003 to 2016. 2016 to 2022 would see my next catalog easily exceed 400k images too. The exact total of all digital images is in doubt. Slides? The count is more or less 117k.

In this time I have used 17 digital cameras at least. There were several versions of iPhone. The workhorse cameras began with Nikon D70 and D200. Canon G7X and Sony RX100 were mainstay point and shoot digital cameras for me. And now, I am on to the Nikon Z5. It’s been a heck of journey… so far.

For Fun

How cold was it? Fun? Competitive? Team spirit? Well, Julia’s team played in the frigid cold upon the wet soggy field. Then there was nowhere to go while waiting for the next round robin match. What do you do? Shop. There was a table set up to sell jerseys from famous teams like the New Zealand ‘All Blacks.’ This team famously does a haka Maori challenge dance in front of the other team before its matches. So here we are standing on the sidelines and huddled for warmth. I don’t think that you could be truly warm. But, no one was going to be sitting in a warm car. Oh, by the way, Julia’s team did win her college division championship. That, made the long ride home a warm pleasure.

Pick it up

In case you wondered, there were also an equal number of women’s teams playing rugby. Yes, it seems that temporary insanity is not limited to the Y chromosome. Women are just as welcome to frolic in the frigid temperature and water hazards. Clearly, outnumbered, this member of my daughter’s team should have thought twice about picking this ball up. What we do for fun….

Water Bath

Well, you cannot smell the food on the Cooking Channel. And, you cannot feel how cold that water was. Rugby is not played on manicured fields or synthetic turf. There was also wind chill and temperatures were low enough to freeze the water. Then you take a bath and wander up and down the field chasing that darn ball.


‘Mudders,’ that’s how I would describe dedicated rugby players. It’s not a popular sport in the USA. But else where, there is quite a world following. The recent Rugby World Cup concluded in New Zealand. My daughter and some of her friends would catch some of the matches in the late evening hours. If I didn’t mention before, Julia was captain of her college team. Anyway, it seems that there is nothing ‘prissy’ about rugby. If you are down and dirty, you were playing it right. I attended a gathering of college teams in Batavia, NY. That is halfway to nowhere but close enough to Niagara falls to wish that I had gone there as well. The picture was taken on a frigid spring day.


My daughter, Julia, started playing rugby in college. There was a gorgeous new turf lacrosse field. But no, Julia wanted rugby. It was a club sport. She ran track and gave up swimming. It was a great excuse for me to get that long lens I lusted for. So I got the 80-400mm zoom. It turns out that everyone thinks that it focuses too slowly. I guess rugby is not a fast sport. Watching the first match ever on cable television to familiarize myself with the flow of the game my wife commented, “Why are all the male players wearing head gear?”

“To avoid having their ears pulled off.” I replied.

“Nooooo!” She shrieked. “Julia’s got a ponytail. “And, what about all that expensive orthodontic treatment she had?”

Julia was never seriously injured. At least, not that I’m aware. She had a few minor concussions. It was nothing. I confess that I already gave her a  concussion when she was a toddler. So far so good. Well, here I am at a college rugby tournament in western New York. It was close to Niagara Falls, but Julia won’t go with me. She plays for a D3, that is Division 3 college. Thank goodness they separate the teams. Syracuse, D1, shows up and the women players are a foot taller and fifty pounds heavier. No contest. The thing about rugby is that it is best played in the mud. More mud is better and if it’s wet even better yet. And cold, yes indeed, it was definitely cold that day. How cold? The players huddled together along the sidelines for warmth. Rugby players do not get heaters. So, I got to watch lots of teams and looked for some interesting shots. I daresay the ‘tissues up your nose’ probably is right up there.