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Marathon 2008

2008 11 5646 BridgeThis post ties in with other discussions on this blog. J recently ran the LA Marathon. I met Charlie and we flew in his Bell 47 helicopter. I shot with Manny, from Sport’s Illustrated. Manny told me of the quintessential shot of the NY Marathon in which the image is made of the runners cresting the Verrazano Bridge. Well, I was in the position to try for this image. The shot had been described but I had never seen it. It was crystal clear blue sky day as Charlie and I hovered in his ship over the bridge. It also helped that he had been a former NYC Police helicopter pilot. We were not chased away from the venue. All that remained was to get that “shot.” You can go wide or tele. I know I didn’t quite get it right. I got a lot of images but the “one” got away. I still count myself lucky to have been there. A lot of stars came together for me to have the chance.

2008 11 5886 Runners bridge

Marathon Sunday, NYC

I’ve been told, that a Sports Illustrated photographer once took a spectacular photo from a helicopter looking dead on along the roadway of the Verrazano Bridge as the runners crested the apex. I’ve never seen the shot. Somehow, that vantage didn’t quite have enough detail for me. Charlie was kind enough and also excited to fly over the bridge on race day. The air space is crowed with police helicopters, so it was good that Charlie knew some of the pilots. I like this photo. Shooting from a moving platform that is moving three dimensionally, vibrating from the engine, and being buffeted by the wind, is a challenge. I used my long lens with VR setting, and shutter at 1/500 or faster. Mostly, with good light, I went to 1/2000 or faster. The shots were sharp. My metadata doesn’t tell me the shutter speed for this image.