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Look Up!

_DSC6237…smell the roses. J said, “Lie down and look up.” Sometimes I feel like life is speeding along and I have to get to the next moment, the next event, the next patient, or the next operation…. It helps to have someone say slow down and smell… This didn’t stop me from cramming four cities and a national meeting into my brief itinerary. Lately I find the kids have been dispensing some pretty good advice. One thing I know is that they don’t hesitate to express their opinions. And if you should happen to listen and look up, well then you just might be rewarded. So we got the ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ camera going. _DSC6233


Tree Hugging

_DSC6202I always knew they were in my family. Good kids, both, but here’s proof of it all. We were out for a walk on the heights overlooking Santa Monica beach. And there, right there, J started hugging a tree right there in broad daylight. You know me; I had a camera, and documented it all._DSC6203Laugh all you want. I just saw my third grade teacher/daughter as a little girl again. I continue to leave her name out so as to minimize the embarrassment  should her friends run a search on her. And she doesn’t tell anyone that I write about her.