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Someone (cat) has been making “mistakes” outside the litter box. Who? I was unable to catch the culprit. And, with eight cats, who’s to say, “Who’s guilty?” Ha ha, to catch one in the act? Impossible! Until now. Enter – Blink video camera system. It was recommended by our tech nut son in law. He did not tell me it is a subscription service. Ah! The fine print! Success? … Success! Within minutes after installation, I captured video of the guilty cat (culprit)!! It took but a few minutes! Amazingly effective, but, which Maine coon cat was it? Twins, they look enough alike to make positive ID difficult. Ha ha, a ribbon around their neck? Nope, Feather chewed the ribbon off in minutes. But, I got a guilty party on video! It’s my story, now what? Why couldn’t it be a cat that is easy to distinguish?

Epilogue: The guilty (cats) are identified. The cameras go back. Watching an endless loop of cat crimes repeated is of no further interest.


The new twins – two years old – they are every bit as delinquent as the older cats. I might have called this post “death wish.” The cats have great balance. They jump to the rail and balance. It’s not a tightrope but to Colleen it’s surely a prelude to a fall to the death. To me? I have seven cats… maybe six cats? I took the picture first, then scolded the cat. He’s not fallen before and did not now.


Ok! Enough? Well, one more time. Security barriers. It was just after security was lifted. So the barrier was being dismantled. And, here we are having fun with a British/Scottish tradition – the distinctive red telephone booth. Yeah, we were goofing around.