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Tom Carper – former governor and current US Senator came to speak. His wife cheer leaded for him. He is the consummate politician. He worked the room like a master politician. He was a warm personable and very engaging politician. He personally went around the room and shook everyone’s hand and learned key facts that he used to engage the crowd like they were long lost friends. Did I mention he was a masterful politician? He spent nearly two hours with about twenty-five people. He started by asking us to state our names and our issues. Needless to say, there were anguished pleas to stop the madness in Washington. And in the last ten minutes he spoke to those very complaints and issues. He was a masterful politician. He managed to skirt every single issue with platitudes and a message of positive thinking. The US has been in this position before and it will all one day become better. He did not say a single controversial thing. When he was done I knew nothing about his stance on gun control. It’s easy. You are for it or against it. Not a word. We applauded. He had worked the room like a masterful politician. Bravo! I will hold my nose and vote for him in the national. I will vote for his democratic opponent in the primary. i will do that so he might know there are some folks who oppose his complacency. Wake up dude! I see that you are a masterful politician. I wish I could be you. At the same time I’d like to see some action. That’s not what masterful politicians do. They are there to get re-elected. Campaign reform, term limits? No, the guardians of the vault are the bank robbers. Oh my, why didn’t I think of that. And I shoot too straight to ever be elected to office. Yes, now we can find the plans for plastic guns. How is it that I will not be surprised to find gun manufacturers are behind the effort to ban plastic? It was a disappointing “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment for me when everyone in the room clapped hands.