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In my lifetime

Charm? In the space of a couple days, we saw three old newspapers. It was sobering. I did not look for them. They popped up in our browsing in antique stores. It’s my generation. Someone lamented when the Beatles broke up. And there are a couple generations since who can ask, “Who were the Beatles?” The other Kennedy was Robert. Yes, shot dead, too. I am still sobered. I was in Junior High when JFK was assassinated. I have often wondered how different history might have been.


Here’s David at Camp Winnebago in Maine. And that is a real rifle and real bullets that her mother’s favorite son is about to fire. This is a mother who forbade weapons and banned violent TV in our house. When she relented and David got a sword at Disney, the kid was so happy, he threw the sword down and was running about waving the scabbard as the weapon. So here we are with Dave’s first and perhaps last encounter with a live fire weapon. We all change with the times.