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Se vende

I dream. I compose posts. I cannot spell. Si vendre. Se vende.

Colleen snores. It carries. She is rooms away.

Meaning? To sell. Sell? The store for sale or sale in the store?

My cat Feather sleeps upon me when she can. She puts her paw on my face. Affection? I cannot hold her paw. Entrapment?

You wake up from dreams…. Funny. This op ed appeared the day 45 declared his new candidacy. Fascinating. The editor had a therapist while 45 was president. He did not quite realize his therapist admired 45. Oh! How Freudian!

Are you sleeping if your eyes are closed?

Try it! Oh boy! I need some therapy….



The Olympics are on. Remember “Cool Runnings?” It’s about the Jamaican bobsled team. “You dead, Sanka?”


Do fish sleep? I don’t know. I’ve asked if they have eyelids. Do you know? Can you actually sleep without eyelids? Humans must sleep. It’s a fact. What do fish do? At night some become dormant. But do they sleep? No blanket?


I thought this guy was dead. Or sick? It’s unnatural. You don’t really see horses lying around on their sides. Dogs, and yes, my cats sleep. A lot! I got a few shots. And then to my relief he righted himself and swam off. Sorry to wake you from your nap. You ok?