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Snow geese in flight – I’ve learned a lot about shooting from other things I shot. Same word – different connotation. Ha! Ah, well. I’ve learned the use of my camera from things I’ve done in my past. Action was learned from shooting tennis. Zooming was honed on underwater photography. I ain’t great, but, more a work in progress. Today it was birds in flight. I’m lazy and did not get out of the car to chase the birds into the field. The snow geese are migrating. They are not fleeing…if you get my drift.

What the…? Dinner!

We were driving. Yeah, it rhymes with diving… I wish… And there in the field were sea gulls. I’ve seen them gathered in large numbers many times before. Wrong! Nope! I turned the car around to take some shots. It was an open field full of ducks. Dinner! I’ve seen them on Long Island. They were domestic and destined for dinner – Long Island duck! Nope, I’m wrong again. They are snow geese – and wild – and they were just resting on their migration. Later we saw the sky filled with hundreds. No, I did not stop again. We were on a mission….”from God” (Dan Ackroyd – Blues Brothers).