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Social distance II

It’s not/was not intentional. But the cats are segregated into safe and unsafe. The white boys are delinquents. They jump the fence and are off in the wide wide world anytime they are out on the deck. I have no choice at this point. They won’t be leashed. I might try a harness? Meanwhile, we leave the window open and they gaze longingly. Social distancing? What goes through your mind as the image is in your viewfinder?

Bike by


Dave and Kathleen biked by. We stood by on the balcony.  It’s how it goes in the time of corona. Distancing. We got the latest news. And we found out how life is about ten miles from us. The markets are different. People are out or they aren’t. They are both busy working from home. Dave is probably ok. He had the (corona) symptoms – mild – and recovered. His sense of taste is still largely missing. But he has olfactory hallucinations now and again. Imagine savoring a BLT never more? Masks? Bandits. If you’re happy and you know it, clap….

Life in the time of corona

I could aptly name this post several ways. Dave and Kathleen are sheltering in place about ten miles from us. They have been self-quarantined since they arrived from NY. They are bored but active. As you can see we are distanced. Colleen is up on the balcony above. The kids surprised us this morning with an early visit. (bad hair day, so far, for me). Colleen ever the proper lady dressed before she appeared on the balcony. They arrived without warning and honked in the driveway. I couldn’t see the car. But, amazingly I got the gist immediately and raced downstairs just ahead of the charging cats. We caught up on the latest news and I was relieved that everyone is ok. Maybe we’ll be able to have a picnic on the golf course next week. They can be on one side of the green and we on the other. But at least I saw my favorite son today! (His sister would say, “But dad, that’s your only son.)