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Bullfight, Seville

The last bullfight in Barcelona occurred this past weekend. The old style stadium resembles the coliseum. It was a rounded structure with multiple tiers with steep vertical seating. It was reported that there was a record crowd. But, the closure is business, because bullfighting attendance has dropped off in recent years. Jose Tomas, one of the most famous Spanish bullfighters, performed. And animal rights protesters clashed with other fans attending. Picadors prepare the bull by putting a lance in the bull’s neck to fatigue the bull and to make its head drop. Hence, the blood over the shoulders is typical. Furthermore, the bullfighter is often awarded the bull’s ears after a good exhibition. They showed this picture in the NY Times article. I wonder if the bull gets the ears of the matador if the bull should prevail. I attended a bullfight in Seville, Spain in September 1978. I bought a ticket through the front desk at the hotel. The stadium was not nearly as grandly appointed as Barcelona nor was it as well attended. There was a group of US servicemen sitting alone among the cheap seats in the bright sun. Over there you could rent a cushion to pad the hard seating. While bullfighting will no longer occur in Barcelona, the sport still continues. It remains the ultimate reality show.