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Spotted Eel


Spotted eel. It’s an ugly thing. Look at the head. I’m still working on exposure for things on the move and farther away. Consider it s a work in progress. I hope there will be another chance and I come away with a better shot. For now, I’m learning habits of the wildlife. It’s not so random as I thought. I’m told this eel lives here and is seen periodically slipping in and out of the coral. I keep looking but he’s a shy thing. I remain ever the optimist.

Spotted Eel

IMG_1752 a

This is another unusual sighting. I saw a spotted eel three times. With my kids we saw part of one during a night dive. And once again on another night dive I had a pretty good look too. This time we had an eel in broad daylight. It swam along, tried to hide, and then made a run for it. I got movie and stills. The white balance was off because it was moving through layer of shadow and depth. The eel is basically yellow with brown spots. I got images but the color was not perfect. This is why you go down and keep trying. And once again this is not a snake. Snakes don’t breathe underwater.


Spotted Eel

IMG_9841I have been told there are no sea snakes here. It makes sense. Snakes breath air. This was a spotted eel. He was going along the bottom when we found him. I was stuck. I had just caught another puffer in my left hand. I had my camera in the right. That left me with no way to adjust the camera. And I needed another hand for the flashlight. Yes I could have used help from the octopus. This is a very rare find. The kids saw one in December but we only got a small part of the body – no head shot.