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Swim Meet

_DSC2508Wow, look at the water, freeze framed! I was asked to shoot a child’s swim meet. It was the culmination of a year’s worth of lessons and an incentive to continue. Everyone had a great time and all the kids got a medal. Kelley, four years old, was a winner. I just let the camera go on auto and shot for composition and cropping. At 1/320 sec, I got this great water freezing shot. Periodically, I question my own skill and wonder if I’m just lucky or I’m really good. Maybe there’s a little of both in play. Anyway I’m flattered that the family group in my compound think highly enough that they called me especially for this photo op. One father commented on my D200 and asked, “Is that a canon?” He had noticed the 18-200mm lens zoomed all the way out and asked if it was a weapon not the brand (Canon). I only got the joke later.

Swim Team


Asphalt Green is a city converted building on the Eastside. It’s now a swim complex. This was I believe a big citywide championship meet. No, the Spence guy is not with them. Anyway, you sit and wait around for your event. The lighting is fluorescent, terrible. So I setup with a tripod and waited. From across the way, the kids have a way of knowing where their parents proudly watch. How it is that all these buddies were looking my way? Telepathy.