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Today’s (NY) Times

Good news. Dec 5. Our fearless leader decertified 2,000,000 – two million acres – of national park in the name of states rights. Billy Bush said, “Yes he (Trump) said, ‘he (Trump) grabbed pussy.'” DT is out with full support of another fellow molester – Moore. Delicious irony?? Meanwhile TV/broadcast anchors are being fired left and right. Yeah, it’s all fake news! The tax bill will hurt blue states – a neat trick by the Republicans. It’s better than gerrymandering except you can’t gerrymander the presidency or the senate.

And then there are these two pictures. The first was drawn on the homework of a student by his step father a tattoo artist known to make offensive jokes. Look closely! It depicts a school shooting?!!! He was charged with a felony. Stay tuned. What about freedom of speech? What about dead kids? Go figure.

The second tattoo shows up across the collarbone of a patient who arrived in the ER unconscious and in need of medical care. Do NOT resuscitate. Hmmmm… they considered what to do? The signature is blurred in the lower right. Therein lies a debate??!! It’s good that the man arrived and slowly died. The decision was referred to an ethics expert who determined that the patient meant what he had tattooed. Ah! I’m glad an instant decision could be deferred. This was a tough one. What would you do? We rehearse, “what if?’ scenarios all the time. It means that you have a plan “in case of.”

Are you having a good day yet? It’s bright and sunny where I am. I’m in a good place. …but, I won’t say where.




I did a spinal fusion operation upon this woman. I won’t be mentioning names. I had already performed a neck operation upon her that turned out successfully. After the second spinal operation, she disappeared. She never returned for a post-operative visit. Six months went by and one Tuesday, she’s back on my office schedule. When she came in I said,  “Where have you been?! We did a major spinal operation and you disappeared. I’m supposed to follow up with you until the healing is complete. Where were you!”

Her sheepish reply, “Doc, I lost my insurance. I was embarrassed to come back because I couldn’t pay.”

My response, “Once I’ve done an operation, my responsibility is to take care of you until you recover, no matter what happens. It’s just the fair thing to do.”

“Well, I didn’t want to tell you, but, I did something,” she responded.

“Oh brother! What? Did she injure herself and the implants all fell apart?” I thought of all kinds of dire possibilities as she continued.

“Well, you see. After the surgery I felt so good. I was walking around and soooo happy. I went out and did something.” And with that she raised her right pant leg up above her ankle.

Yup, those are my initials. I don’t think I would have picked roses, but the initials are mine. “What?! What did you do?” I stammered and thought of her husband whom I had met some time ago and who was about a foot taller and one hundred pounds heavier than me. Just what I need, a jealous husband as if I don’t have enough on my mind.

“Oh, don’t worry Doc. My husband’s seen it and he loves it!”

I almost didn’t get a picture of this tattoo, as she didn’t return for many months. But the next time, she returned I got my shot. Some of this stuff you just can’t make up. And, the picture is the proof. After all the years of asking patients to name their kid after me, this is what I have to show.