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Time flies

Where were you at the millennium? Second, minute, hour, day, year, decade, century, millennium… what an auspicious change. We – me and the kids – were in Times Sq, the mother of the “ball drop.” Everyone grew up. We moved on. It’s been years since the ball drop was on my New Year’s Eve radar. I used to contact the kids at midnight to be sure they were alright on New Year’s. Teens and then adults, they were always out somewhere else celebrating. It’s all still good, just different. Different is good too. Nowadays, Apple message gives you fireworks. Change, it’s good.

Accept no substitutes

2976 10 Snow NYC

The Naked Cowboy is/was an institution on Times Sq. Nowadays, all sorts of imitators abound. There are some very ugly copies about. And there’s Elmo and the Statue of Liberty all waiting to take a picture with you (for money). This is the real thing. Nuts. It’s tough standing in your BVD’s in the freezing cold. Worse. Women just want to hug you when you get a picture taken. That’s cold dedication. I admit that I have not seen this dude since 2014. Did he retire? Maybe he went to a warmer sunnier place.

2976 11 Naked cowboy Snow NYC

Yes, he was out in a full blown snow storm. I think he puts the tips in his shorts?

Day, Year, Decade, Century, Millennium

In retrospect it passed quietly. There was little fanfare in my family. We lived within blocks of Times Square. We were there on the afternoon of: to have a look around before the crowd was stifling. We were out on Long Island earlier in the day. The kids did homework. David made a snowman. Jules did a puzzle. The night came and went without incident and the Y2K fear never came to pass. Where were you? It’s a memory. I was there at the turn of the clock. It’s nearly two decades later. It’s a better world today?


I used to live at the crossroads of the world. Now I am at another crossroad. It seems that air traffic out of Reagan and Dulles and BWI and Phi all cross Delaware. The clouds move fast. They change like the weather. Wait a minute or so it will look different. Every once in a while, the jet trails cross over in a great pattern. Everyone is headed somewhere. There’s an app that lets you point your phone at the trail and it will tell you the flight and destination of the plane that made it. TMI, I just like the pattern. Simple.

Times Square Art Project

IMG_2314 copy

There was a sign about an art project. The artists were plastering posters to the sidewalk. The next day anyone could walk across them. It’s kind of spooky to see these shots. In the middle left one person looks a little like Jennifer my former PA. No matter what, there’s always something doing in Times Sq.

IMG_2322 copy

Times Square Too

IMG_2331 copy

I’m used to seeing the naked cowboy posing in his BVD’s for tips. He could never play his guitar but it was a good place to keep the money. This cowgirl wannabe is a thin emaciated Hispanic male claiming that he can’t speak. The general reaction from the public was to shy away. He was too weird – even for New York.  The Statue of Liberty was working the same piece of turf and doing a fair business. A shot with “Liberty” was at least New York.

IMG_2335 copy


IMG_2578 copy

Twins? There was another Statue working Central Park. A good idea isn’t limited to a single location.

Times Square


It is and always has been funky. It was pretty sleazy for a while but that’s cleaned up quite a lot. Don’t be mistaken. There’s a ton of police presence and plenty of video surveillance. That doesn’t mean that they don’t allow characters. You can see Disney – Mickey etc, Sesame – Elmo etc, and then there are unique characters unto New York.


IMG_2310 copy

It is and always has been funky. It was pretty sleazy for a while but that’s cleaned up quite a lot. Don’t be mistaken. There’s a ton of police presence and plenty of video surveillance. That doesn’t mean that they don’t allow characters. You can see Disney – Mickey etc, Sesame – Elmo etc, and then there are unique characters unto New York.


IMG_2301 copy

IMG_2317 copy

No matter what you wear, most people will pass by without so much as a glance. Outrageous is commonplace.

Times Square

2368 05 Times sq 2368 08 Times sq 2368 10 Times sq

Last I looked Stardust is still there but it’s called Roxy. OK, maybe it’s not there. The neon looks the same garish red. Empty lots are pretty much a memory now. The police still have a big presence. Actually there are many surveillance cameras. I wonder if this is where they watch you. Cameras and video, how quaint and dated… now your smart phone does it all and plays back and has a radio.2368 11 Times sq 2368 12 Times sq

Times Square

2367 34 42 st New York 2367 36 Times sq 2367 37 Times sq

it’s looking a bit more contemporary. There are a lot more lights and activity. And like all things it has been changing with newer stores replacing new stores. It seems that it’s not a sure thing for a business to be located right here.2368 01 Times sq 2368 02 Times sq 2368 04 Times sq

Times Square

2367 28 42 st New York

42nd Street looking onto the north side of the street. Some of the theater fronts were preserved. Some were destroys despite the mandate to preserve them. They just sort of fell down while renovating. Hey, it’s New York. Shit happens. There was a place or two which burned down. But I wouldn’t know how that could’ve happened either.2367 29 42 st New York 2367 30 42 st New York

42nd Street

2367 24 New York

This is an east view of 42nd Street. It is all developed and clean now. It’s glossy and neon bright with a Madam Tussaud and BB King’s grill. No more sleazy movie houses. No local color, just a gaggle of tourists who make you walk too slowly because you can’t pass them.2367 25 New York

Times Square 42nd St

2367 19 New York 2367 20 New York

Times Square – 42nd Street and 8th Avenue by the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It was a couple of parking lots forever. The owners held out and finally sold. Two large skyscrapers are there forever now. You won’t see the Empire State Building from here any more. There’s a Sbarro or Chevy’s on the left corner. Just off the near left corner Show World Palace still exists as a porno peep show. But there’s a Duane Reade drug store directly on the corner.2367 21 New York 2367 22 New York 2367 23 New York

Times Square

2368 16 Times sq

It’s a work in progress. Much like London’s Picadilly Circus, Times Square was deliberately edgy and garish. The edge is a less but the many neon was designed into the plans for restoring the area. The lights remain. The brands change.

Times Square

These shots are of Times Square before it underwent recent changes. So if you know it or have been there recently, here are some throwback views. It’s a bit more sleek now and there’s a pedestrian mall, and there’s a new and renovated Tkts center, and so on…. Neon lights are required and there’s still lots of action. And I suppose there are still a lot of plain clothes police. The porno movies and sleeze have moved away. One might say that it’s pretty safe.

They laugh at me about all the pictures I take. Aren’t you glad I did? A little?