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It’s easy

Installing 3/4 inch hardwood flooring? Simple… only a few tools required. Hey! It ain’t brain surgery! I do not know any carpenters who would work in a room full of furniture much less sleep in it while it was under construction. Ummm… you just push the furniture around as you go. I even got vent covers fit for ¾ inch wood. We are not inventing the wheel here. Someone already thought of everything. Stupid? Yes, there is a way to make stupid mistakes. I could not load the nail gun. Yes, yes , I finally figured it out. So far everything looks promising. The hardest part is cutting and installing around the door frames. The transition is critical. Mine is seamless. Easy? I have learned much about flooring. I consider it a satisfying accomplishment. If you are thinking of doing it? …don’t.



The point of an extension cord is to extend the electrical power source from the outlet. I was using a hedge trimmer. Yes, I was careful. I have had experience with cutting the cord in the past. And now more recently, I have had the (same) experience three times more. I used to have a 100 ft extension. It’s short by about 9-10 feet. Hey! It was what I wanted. The other feet were just too much. I have it down now. I can replace the plug end in about ten minutes. Practice makes you faster. Yup… and the electric mower… counting…. My beloved was ruflled when I spoke of pillows and seats yesterday. So today I poke fun of myself. I will not admit to exactly how many times I have replaced the plug. That way you can point and laugh more.