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Ray (and Nutley) sits staring at the/behind the corner hutch. He’s lost his mouse (toy) again. How? Hmmm? There’s just a small space/crack to squeeze something into that spot. But… as all good humans, I dutifully moved that heavy cabinet and lo and behold…! There were more than a dozen assorted cat toys including yarn, mice, fish, and balls. Curious cats, they were all over me as I got their possessions back. Thankful? Nope, moments later Ray lay there on his back trying to put the toys behind the cabinet. Why? He was hiding them again. Oh my! My bad! I neglected to think like a cat.

Basket case

We make baskets (not this one). Yup! And our cats have come to enjoy sleeping in them. Some? Not all. It’s hard to know what they like. We just find them in baskets. Usually, there’s no competition. The cats are laid back. They share. No fighting, it seems everyone is mellow. And then I used the basket for the cat toys – cloth mice. And… the mice got strewn on the floor to make room for Nutley.


Grab shots, where you grab the camera and don’t get a chance to really get it (the pic) because conditions are awful. But, hey! There is a completely embarrassing photo not included today. You may guess, but I have no desire to relate humor at the expense of my dear wife. (Eh? I will get to live another day.) What you get is that my cats play a game, as illustrated here. The bat their toys under the sideboard. Then, they sit and watch, patiently waiting, until mercifully my wife will go under the cabinet to retrieve their toys. Then, they promptly lose them again. Insanity! Repeat, and hope for a different result? Oh yeah!