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Not prisoner, Patch. I marked his ear intentionally so as to be able to identify him. It was important. I can’t tell him from Willow, his twin. And Patch had just returned from the hospital for treatment of his hyperthyroidism. He needs extra food. And, we can’t be petting him too much (treatment instructions). So, I marked him. He gets extra food. The disease ravaged his metabolism and he lost more than 1/3 body weight. So, to fatten him… extra food. And his siblings like to share in his bounty. Poor Patch, he’s a work in progress. He will be better in time but for now it’s back to work. And, no one eats alone around here!




There was a game I played once upon a time. You controlled an ant colony and the goal was to get into the house…  We got ants! I’ve had them before in Manhattan. Once a year in the late spring they would march across the floor and counters from one end of the apartment to the other… literally in one door and out the other.  It was a migration or like an old worn caravan trail. They’d parade for a week or so and disappear till next year. I never could figure out where they originated. And we never did eradicate them. Now I have another batch. They showed up in my house. Ant traps. Nah! They walked around and under but not into the traps. Boric acid? It seems to have worked. This stuff is 4% of the active ingredients (much of the rest is inert) in the ant traps. So I went to the pharmacy and got straight up boric acid for a few bucks. I laid it down thick enough that I could see white spots on the ant heads. They definitely got it. I’m still waiting to see if they go. If it wasn’t happening on my counters as we speak, I’d be laughing too…. I hate bugs.

Epilogue: The stuff works – boric acid. Ant traps are way to slow for me. A day later (after boric acid), the numbers were drastically reduced. And a few days after that they were gone. Unfortunately, ants are showing up in other areas of the house too. So far boric acid is working wherever else I have tried to treat. Sometimes it helps to read the label on things (ant traps) you buy. I still have plenty of powder. And all cats are accounted for.