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I was enthusiastic about learning to scuba dive. It was a bucket list thing. Underwater photography? Yes, of course?? It was this photo that opened my eyes! It’s nothing special as far as other spectacular images I made. But this was a game changer for me. The color! Who knew the coral would be so colorful with a flash! Not me. Done! I was hooked. Thereafter, I was the first in and last out on any dive. One never knew what you had obtained until you post processed upon downloading the images to your computer. It was like opening Xmas! every dive.


IMG_6108 copy

They like to hide in coral holes. They are fearless. They think you can’t see them. Mostly no one does. Amr has eagle eyes. He sees them. After he moves away with his ($5000) big rig camera, I move in and get my shots. Rarely is it the case where I find a goby on my own. They simply hide/blend so well. This picture is mine. See the horn?! That’s detail. This is a good shot. I’m telling you so because it’s a hard shot to do well. Trust me?!



Lionfish are supposed to be predators and eat all the little fish on the reef. I have yet to see a lionfish attack. Instead they avoid me. They are always pointing into the coral and they swim away if I get close. They are an invasive species in the Caribbean. But her in Red Sea they seem not to be affecting the fish population. Oh, the reason I posted this image is that with strobe the coral is more colorful as well as the lionfish. I like the color graphic of the image. These fish are also popular in aquarium displays. I just stay far away. They are said to be very poisonous.