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So, you wanna walk? … all in good time. Patience! Would that be mom, dad, or baby – patience? I have a photo of Lisa holding one of the kids in the same pose. They were on the green reclining outdoor chair. I can’t find that photo at the moment. I am not that good?! But this one evoked the deep emotion of that previous moment in time. Yes, full circle.

First Steps


I was there. Yup! Well, I could have missed it. But no, I was there for this singular moment. Eight months old. Early. Jules stood against the wall and then stumbled off. The rest is history. She was a champ on the track team. It was a memorable moment. I was there. I got a shot. I don’t have to make some excuse that I missed the shot. Not this time. I got something memorable. Here it is. I’m smiling to think that she dressed for this auspicious occasion. Okay, it was me: I chose the outfit – hat and pants. Really?! Goofy look? Priceless!