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Wedding Photography

IMG_8382 copyIn my other life, I was a wedding photographer. Not really, just a fantasy, otherwise it would be work and not fun any more. But, I get to do some without the pressure of being lead photographer. In this case, Julia asked that I bring the mini-DV video and shoot the ceremony. (Laura asked.) Then she (Laura) changed her mind… no video. Her father (Laura’s) said bring the video. Oh boy! And, Julia said don’t bring it. Well, I carried it and then took it out just before the ceremony at the request of the bride’s brother. Too dark, it was too dark. So I switched over to the Canon G12 and shot video from that. I had almost forgotten that point and shoots have pretty good video. And that f2.8 lens can see pretty well in the dark. Video solved and without making the bride or her father disappointed. After the ceremony, I got to walk around getting ambient shots, crowd shots, family shots and so forth. No one minded. There was a hired photographer. She used as mounted flash and AA batteries. I hope she got some good ones. I wanted to tell her she should be using a Quantum rechargeable battery. It was a dark venue. The bride’s father was wandering around passing his Nikon D800 around and using the on camera flash. You should at least have an SB900 flash. Am I too snobbish? But as in all things, it’s not what you use as much as being in the right place at the right moment. Without pressure, I got a few shots and Julia has the memories to share with her best friend.IMG_8392 copy IMG_8395 copy


Wedding Cake

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Fondit turkey for you

Fondit turkey for you

I took a lot of shots of this cake. It is a first, I think, for Julia. She’s done some cakes but not a wedding cake. Well, truth be told it was mostly her mom. Julia got caught up with the wedding plans and then had a minor disaster in her apartment, so mom was the one to save the day and do most of everything. Have I mentioned that wedding/layer cakes are not easy? You need to support the layers. Duh!! Yes, the top layer will collapse down the cake. Yeah, cake has weight and is heavy. (Check your thighs, ladies.) So in order to pile cake layers, you have to support them. How? Dowels… yup, wooden dowels are placed to support the cardboard at each layer. And, then it all stands up, get it? After that you still have to decorate the cake. There’s where the art and fun come in. But it’s not just free association and imagination, because the bride does have some say. Laura wanted a ‘turkey’ cake. Oh yeah! It’s a December wedding and an inside joke, I guess. Here’s where a traditional layer cake trumps turkey. Surprisingly it served over one hundred guests with a layer leftover for the one year anniversary. One year old cake… ugh? No ornamentation on the top…just pennants. And once more, did I mention that the food skills and artistic talent is pretty impressive around my house. Also, it was Julia’s best friend and a high honor to be trusted with such a delicate task. You have seen the Cooking Channel. It ain’t over until the cake is transported safely to the restaurant.