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Mother is the necessity…


Back in January 2018 we had the worst snowstorm. How worst? It was the first time in my life we couldn’t go. I mean I have been out to do aneurysm surgery in NYC when there were no cars on the road on the west side of Manhattan. Really! We couldn’t back the car out of the garage. Yeah! We were on a mission. We had to feed Colleen’s cousin’s cats. Snow gear? I had to dig up what I had. My North Face coat is decades old. It’s so old… the color is out of style and hasn’t been seen for decades. You just can’t kill these coats! The rest of the winter gear is all mine too. I always had redundant gear. You just never know. We needed it! We were walking in a blizzard. We fell in the canal at least once. But! We made the round trip!

Winter Coats


I admit it was January when I passed these shops. The evening chill is in the 70’s. During the day in the hot sun it is at least 80 or more. I was sweating when I passed these shops. The first year I was here I saw winter coats in the shop like Marks and Spencer. I assumed the coats were for travel abroad to winter climates. Then I saw kids at the Corniche dressed up wearing winter coats. Now I know where and why. I still don’t get it.