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Break my heart

Falling down laughing. There’s another generation of young ones learning to spell creatively. Reading and writing is fascinating. I hated to read. My mother had tasked me with reading “The Poky Little Puppy” aloud, over and over. I suppose I should have memorized it. It would have gone faster. And I was good at memorizing things. Nonetheless, it seems to be history that repeats as kids try their hand at spelling in their early writing compositions. Jules was certainly that way. I took pictures of everything. Yet, this was one of the only samples I came across as I scanned. As I translated… it can break your heart. What can I say? Just read it and feel the innocence in her emotional plea. I presume it was directed at me? No matter. It’s a universal thought. I would hug you again if you were here now.

Do as she does…

Follow your buddy, shoot what they shoot. My friend Marie has the ability to find great “shit.” And she breathes slow! Way slow! She can get an hour and a half from a single tank. Newbies get about thirty minutes. I got an hour. After I learned to breathe more slowly and rhythmically from her (by watching her) I could get way more dive time. And more pictures! Meanwhile, she was taking pics of the male fish (see the teeth) with eggs in their mouth. And I did too! Yay! I once saw a fern in Jamaica whose leaves shrink when touched – sort of like scrunching up when a rain drop would hit. Coral does too – some types – as in you can write things in the coral. But once one coral shrinks the whole lot seems to follow. So, it’s a trick to write letters in the shrinking coral. Good luck.


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Jules’ co-teacher secretly had their class do a project and gave the album to her just before the wedding. Some pages, not necessarily the best are shown. You’ll get the idea. I wonder why no one else ever did this. I guess I have not been to too many teacher weddings. Come to think of it, it was a relatively small group. College friends, high school friends, close relatives the guest list did not include many co-workers at all. Even occasional relatives were left out. It was a cozy campground and everyone simply mingled, partied, and had a good time for a couple of days in California. Yeah, the kids planned it pretty perfectly.

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Laugh, cry, weep…it’s a new generation. From the mouths of babes…may your days be filled with happiness…an album of sage advice from a certain innocent perspective. Listen to your kids. They want a happily ever after ending too.