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I’m not sure I posted about this. I’m too lazy to research it. So, you get it now or maybe again? No matter, I bought an orchid about two years ago. I read/was told they bloom about once a year. It doesn’t require much care. I almost ignored the plant and remembered to water it occasionally, as in less than once every few weeks. The plant lived. It did not bloom… until about 2++ years later. Really! Suddenly one day… one bloom… and another about a week later. Now, for the past few weeks… really! I suppose I will await the next blooming in a few years. They really tolerated near complete neglect. Ok!


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  1. ….orchids are killed by kindness mostly–too much watering. The goal is to replicate their natural conditions: bright, but indirect light (as if in a tropical leafy-treed setting); lots of air around them; and occasional watering (they receive a quick tropical rain shower and quick drying off). They also respond very well to a daily misting with a dollar store misting bottle.
    This is probably a phalaenopsis or dendrobium. The ones we buy are hybridized. Unlike most plants, orchids like yours don’t grow in soil as such–they cling to tops of trees and nutrients to their roots come through the air, so you will see some of their roots shooting up through your loose, barky, spongey-mossy ‘soil’. We keep them in pots because that’s how we like our flowering plants, but some aficionados mount them on vertical slabs of bark: http://www.orchid-care-tips.com/mounting-orchids.html. A sure way to kill an orchid is to immerse its air-loving roots in potting soil. I know, more information than you wanted/needed, but there you are. It is easy to become an orchid lover, wanting to take on the challenge of growing other, more exotic types!

    January 5, 2020 at 8:49 am

    • Well! Thanks. It is more info than I knew. My virtual neglect has paid off. The reward was in patience. It was more in ignoring the plant than anything else. After all, I was able to kill a couple of cacti with the same care.

      January 8, 2020 at 8:59 am

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