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It’s an interesting juxtaposition, the headlines and the news in our house.

Quinn – name meaning and origin.

Quinn is a gender neutral name with Irish roods that means “wise,” “sense,” or “reason.” It comes from the old Irish word Ceann or Conn, meaning “head” or “chief.”

So there you have it. A new granddaughter. We were in the dark about the name up until birth. My daughter also named her after my mother (middle name). Her sister got the other grandma’s name. There is a lot of emotion tied up in all of this. Obviously, there was a lot of thought and consideration. We were kept in the dark right up to the birth. Since my posts are scheduled ahead, the birthday was some time ago. I am still processing the early morning news. Why are “babies” always born in the middle of the night?

Equally, birth and abortion are not simple either. I do not wish to open more controversy. But, life begins at fertilization. There are exceptions to the considerations – rape, incest, and birth defect. I, heretofore, considered a viable fetus the nexus. Colleen rightfully points out that it is not so simple. I am forced to reconsider and not at all sure where the nexus should be. I, intentionally, remain vague as I ponder anew. Meanwhile, Quinn has come in this backdrop of philosophical discussion. Her name is not common but has become more popular of recent times. I believe her parents have made a brilliant choice and I wish the best for them all. Now, onward, to the store, girl clothes!

Middle name?: Deanna. It was my mom’s name. It is a personal (to me) and touching choice.