Word and Image

Axe, Woodsman’s Day County Fair

This shot is one of a series taken in Maine at the local county fairs. There are scheduled events like this during the fair that usually runs for a week in different locations throughout the summer. This day was woodsman day. It provided an opportunity to show off lumber skills. Groups like Chicks with Axes showed up. While many women had tattoos, this particular group was fit and attractive. Well, for axe throwers anyway, they were ok. Yes, some of the gals threw axes at a beer can set in the bulls eye of a target log. Just stay out of the way. This photo was admired by Lisa because of its detail and storytelling without the whole picture of the axe man. The idea is to chop the beam in half. The marks are to guide the cutting to minimize time and maximize efficiency. And, yes some folks wear steel toe boots and shin guards. The brave will hazard an ugly injury.

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