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Resourceful? Or cheap? Hmmmm…? Recently a visitor (of not disproportionate size) sat in my lounge chair(s) and broke through. Not, as in ‘good idea’, but, as in fell through. No, it was not his size, but his technique… because a day later he sat in the other chair and did the same plunging act…. Yup, sat through both chairs. Damn! No, he’s not allowed to sit anywhere anymore… ever! (not in my house…) So, I got canvas at a sewing store in Elkins. I got a denim needle for the sewing machine. It’s a “cutting” needle – for all you surgeons amongst my viewers. I got grommets from Amazon. And the paracord…too. I have never used a sewing machine. If you peruse past posts you will note that I have a collection of at least five (count ‘em!!) Singer sewing machines of vintage age. I could not get any of them up and running. Ha! Too complicated. I used a Kenmore – Sears, (company) nearly out of business – machine. It worked. My seams could have been better. It took a day. Yup, I could have done better by throwing the broken one out. After assembly, you can note that the grommets are the weak point and are already giving way. One seating and … about to break again! Damn! No need to do the other… except… overnight, it came to me in my dreams. (I have often woken with the solution to computer problems after a night’s sleep.) I wound the paracord in a lace net below the seat and it worked! Support! The seat held without any extra pressure on the grommets. Long story? Short… the next piece of canvas was sewn and ready to grommet in about 30 minutes. Alas, I did not order enough grommets. But, soon…

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