Word and Image


IMG_0638I had the good fortune to dive with some serious underwater photographers. If the equipment is an indicator, they used some very costly stuff. The DSLR body, lens, close up lens, lights, modeling light, monster pod, waterproof case with air leak indicator… well it’s enough to make me feel completely inadequate. Say it must be about $10k worth of gear. Seawater is unforgiving. I have fried two cameras in the past. Fortunately it was not expensive gear. But it hurt to lose a camera. Well I was on a reef safari with four photographers, one with video, and all with external strobes. For a gearhead comparison think Volkswagen compared to Porsche. I had the VW. This group had varying tastes in subject matter. Some things I never pass by and I always photograph, seemed not to interest them.


So it was with interest as one found an anemone floating free at about 80 feet. Color is an issue at this depth. Red is almost gone. A flash would definitely help. I didn’t use one – just white balanced and let my camera go on autopilot. And so there were four photographers clustered around this fairly nondescript subject. It must be special but I have no real frame of reference. I hung on the edges having taken my shots. Then I decided that the quintessential shot here would be the gear in play. I sure don’t do any set up this complicated in life on the land. Trust me this is some seriously expensive gear. I will admit to being strictly amateur. I have a different level of interest here.



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