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Archive for May 2, 2017

… on a jetplane


I love looking out the window of a jet. It’s a photo op. It’s not ideal. The Plexiglas is scratched. It’s double paned. There are reflections. The engine exhaust shimmers and distorts your picture. The wing gets in your way. You can only effectively see sideways. Oh bother!

Kansas is a grid. It’s straight lines and right angles. Pollution from five miles up looks more impressive when you see the area a plume of smoke covers. Ski resorts on the mountain make me wonder – why this mountain? All the other mountains have snow and look like they could be ski resorts too. Why is one better than another? And then there are the picturesque San Francisco salt ponds. It’s a great graphical image. The other 300 or so passengers did not seem nearly as fascinated as me. My companion? She hates flying; eyes closed around the armrest in a death grip; she willed the plane to land safely.