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Archive for May 17, 2017

What the?


To quote Senator Susan Collins, Maine, “Can we have a crisis free day. That’s all I’m asking.”

…I missed this little news item. An activist managed to project an image over the entrance of the Trump Hotel in Washington. To all of you folks who defend the man: what will it take and when will you wake up from your narcotized stupor to realize that you support a madman? As for him being a successful businessman, he’s not even good at the art of the lie.

Clean Up


Phragmites. It’s a marsh/wetlands weed grass – as defined as something you don’t want growing in your space – i.e. dandelions. It’s a tall grass that obscures (completely) my view of the pond behind our house. I previously posted about finding a bench beside the pond that we discovered two years after we moved into the house. There is an approved chemical herbicide. Cutting and burning does not work. But I am told you may cut it down to 24 inches height. Whatever. I don’t want chemicals. Yet. I got a hedge trimmer in the yard sale for $10. Yay! It mowed the grass/weed like a machine gun in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

And look! There are irises. Do you believe that? They are growing spontaneously in my wetland. Cool. They’re cheery and a welcome surprise. For now I have a trusty ‘old, used’ hedge trimmer and am prepared to cut down my phragmites as we go along.