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It was a women’s protest

0023 31 Deanna

23 billion dollars. The average spent on /mom is $186.39. The $23billion is the commercialization of America this Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis, her home is still available to visit in West Virginia, started Mother’s Day as a women’s protest against war. Yup! Read! It was commercialized and finally made into a national holiday by Woodrow Wilson. Anna protested the commercial use until her death in a sanitarium. Yes, she was treated as “quackers.” Meanwhile it was always my lot to make breakfast in bed for my wife on said day. But, she’s not my mother. So now, kids, it’s on you. I skimmed the archives for a pic. I am frankly amazed at how awful a photographer I was in the beginning. …and for a long time after… and, no, a Nikon does not make the man… don’t blame your tools. I do miss my mom, still.

Apropos to the day: my mom immigrated after World War II. She grew up in Japanese occupied Shanghai, China. She came for a better world and freedom from tyranny.