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Archive for May 27, 2017

I digress


I’ve been on an Amish roll…Happy birthday Eric. He’s not much online (probably won’t see this). Aside from a very very few people, (please don’t feel left out), I’m barely able to keep track. I don’t keep a list somewhere. My good buddy Susan does. She remembered mine. I’m just able to tell you that hers is in the summer. Sorry. Call it a guy thing.

Advertisement for beer: Guy runs out during halftime for a six pack. At checkout he sees one forlorn birthday greeting at the counter. He buys it, gives it to his wife upon returning. She exclaims, “Oh honey! You remembered!”

Hey, it’s a guy thing. My cousin Amy got married. Mostly it’s guys on our side of the family. Except for Jules, it’s just guys. It’s almost all girls on the other side. Happy birthday.