Word and Image

ho hum

From one loser to another loser.

Elon tweeted: How do you make a small fortune? Start with a large one.

When he had his finger and threatened to press the nuclear button…. now he doesn’t. We realize he never really did and he never will again. Well, he’s yesterday’s news. Example? Well truth social or whatever his social platform, it made a big flat splat when it debuted.

Yesterday’s news today. The next chapter is ‘lock him up.” There are millions who will vote for him. And many more millions will vote against him. He will never rise to power. My vote still counts. You can be sure yours will too.

Twitter will soon enough be defunct. Its content is already suspect for truth. When news is unreliable and manipulated no one will be tuning in. When you make a headline in order to cultivate an audience…. Y’all are toast.

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