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Archive for July 23, 2020

Drug money

Follow the money. We’re trying to figure out how much money from Pfizer went to the Trump orbit in contributions and PAC money. It was a LOT!! They can’t quite contribute directly. So, it goes into a PAC and then gets funneled into Trump’s coffers. And then, surprise!! The money comes out the other side in the form of favorable treatment by the Trump administration. Is $2 Billion enough? Want more? Cynical? Nah! What’s a billion dollars split among friends? Of, course the Corona virus is still a hoax? Or did you change your $$$ mind, mr pres? We gave someone else $1.6 Billion last week. Where’d that money go?

And, here’s why I don’t trust Trump. No one has a real vaccine yet. Multiple companies are working to get one. NO ONE! What if – WHAT IF – the effective vaccine is not from Pfizer? or from Noavax who just got $1.6 billion? We just blew a lot of billions on failed efforts. Where I’m from, a $billion dollars is $$$$ beaucoup bucks. Eh?!!


Nutley bangs on the bathroom cabinet door, bounces it open, and explores inside. It’s an interesting talent. I can hear him but don’t have a photo. Spice has decided to use the shower. She sat on the bench and stretched out. Yeah, go figure. Why? If I knew I would be happy to tell you. Meanwhile, we are constantly amused by the antics of our imaginative cats. Some things you just can’t make up.